CUBICUBI.Chamber LogoChamber Mission Statement:

CUBICUBI.Chamber Logo Chamber is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to develop and strengthen investment, trade and commerce between Canada and Ukraine.


CUBICUBI.Chamber LogoChamber Goals:

  1. Encourage Canadian investment in Ukraine.
  2. Establish networks and strategies for working within Ukraine.
  3. Identify prime sectors in the Ukraine market for Canadian businesses.
  4. Support the Canada-Ukraine Intergovernmental Economic Commission by presenting the issues that affect Canadian businesses operating in Ukraine.
  5. Consolidate and maintain support of governments.
  6. Lobby and inform Canadian and Ukrainian lawmakers in order to simplify trade and commerce between the two countries.


What do I get for membership in CUBIimages/leaf.gifChamber?

  1. Representation of business issues to Canadian and Ukrainian governments for more efficient and expedient solution to roadblocks.
  2. Representation on the Intergovernmental Economic Commission on specific issues affecting Canadian companies in Ukraine through the Energy, Construction and Agriculture sectors.
  3. Development of business relationships between Canadian and Ukrainian companies, including access to experience of Canadian firms doing business in Ukraine.

  1. Organization of meetings involving key Canadian and Ukrainian business and government representatives to provide information on networking opportunities for investment in Ukraine.
  2. Networking with members of other Eastern European chambers of commerce by holding joint meetings and exchanging information on business events.
  3. Opportunity to discuss challenges and successes in Ukraine, and to seek advice from fellow chamber members directly or through the CUBICUBI.Chamber LogoChamber Internet chat-group.
  4. Access to business opportunities (information on tenders, search for partners, investment opportunities, job ads, etc.) through the CUBICUBI.Chamber LogoChamber Internet "Shopping Mall."

  1. Receipt of a quarterly newsletter with information on the latest business ventures between Canada and Ukraine, summary of the most important political and economic events and tax laws, and features on Canadian and Ukrainian businesses.
  2. Notices of CUBICUBI.Chamber LogoChamber meetings, seminars and conferences, which present topics of interest to members; and discount member rate for these events.
  3. Access to an updated Internet site with links to important news on Ukraine.

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